About Us

About Us

The Vaughn family has been farming in west St. Catharines since 1902 and at its present location since 1918. Two generations work together to farm 155 acres, which include livestock, pasture, hay production, cash crops, eggs and market garden vegetables.  We currently run a 20 head Hereford/Angus beef cow/calf-to-finish operation. This means that we take care of the beef we raise from start to finish. We feed our own home-grown hay to our cattle, as well as grain (spent barley from local beer production) with no hormones nor antibiotics in their feed. We began raising deer in 1986. Our red deer/elk hybrid herd now stands at 20 females. We raise our deer from start to finish as well, with complete control over their feed and care (no hormones nor antibiotics).

Our laying hens are free-ranged outside for the most part of the year. In the winter months they are free-run in a large open loft in the barn. They are fed a mixture of grains with added flax seed for extra omega 3 (no hormones nor antibiotics).

Our farm market garden produces an abundance of sustainably grown vegetables for you to enjoy in season and also for the making of our preserves. 

We opened our on-farm store in 1995 which now retails a wide selection of game meats, traditional meats, eggs and pickles and preserves from our garden.

Our Philosophy

We believe in keeping it simple. Treat our livestock and the environment with respect and they will thrive and be productive. The same thing is true when it comes to food. We believe in feeding wholesome food to our families so they will enjoy good health. Keep it as pure as possible with few alterations. We like to recognize the ingredients in our food and be able to pronounce them! We believe that a thriving agricultural area benefits all who live in and around it. We believe you want all of these things too, and that you can help us shape the future of healthy, wholesome food production in Ontario, food without compromise.